Taking America Back, Again!


Parents  need to get back into the business of being parents, and leaders need to get back into the business of leadership. The world is not a safe place, the dreams of children are at stake, and our leaders have abandoned the properties of leadership, but one man has taken a stand to take America back, again!  

Major Mike Webb 
is a Christian conservative veteran, who for most of his life has selflessly loved his country, held by his religious convictions, stood up to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, and been willing to get down neckdeep in the muck and the more to do the hard work of freedom.

There is no foe too formidable, no task too daunting, no obstacle too difficult and no force, save God, too powerful from getting her done.

If you love your family, your faith, yout freedom and Your country—if you want a leader who you can depend upon and place your trust, there is only one name you need to know: MAJOR MIKE WEBB!

If there is any other name you can depend upon, no matter what; we don’t know who he or she is.