“Everybody Knows Mike Webb!”

If you are a challenger candidate in Northern Virginia, like the Republican Party nominee, then, more likely than not, if someone asks about you, the answer will be:  "I don't know who he or she is."  But everybody knows Mike Webb.

He's been on Kimmel.  He's been mentioned by Steve Colbert with Donald Trump and Chris Christie.  He's even been in Rolling Stone, the Chicago Tribune and GQ Magazine.  And with what the Alexandria Connection described as an "unabashed conservative" message, he has managed to place himself in the crosshairs of Democratic Underground, Blue Virginia, the ACLU of Virginia, the Virginia Education Association, Senator Tim Kaine, Donald Beyer, and just about every thing, ideologically LEFT.  But, that's okay with the "contemptuously condescending" graduate from the most elite college in the Commonwealth because he knows he is RIGHT.  

And, if you are a candidate running against a retired Army Ranger and Military Intelligence Officer who just happens to have 2 family churches on the National Historic Registry and a godfather who served as the first African American House Budget Committee Chairman before he was elected to serve as the House Majority Whip, you probably wouldn't be joining the Major in singing a few verses from Billie Holliday's God Bless the Child Whose Got His Own, RIGHT?